Daniel’s Testimony:

    I was raised in a solid Christian home by parents who loved the Lord and sought to instill the Bible in my six siblings and me as the essential thrust to our homeschooling. Their goal was Matthew 6:33- "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness".
  Two months before my 4th birthday, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.  In so doing I confessed: 1) I was a sinner and incapable of saving myself (Romans 3:23), 2) Jesus Christ had died and rose again for me and was the only means of salvation (1 Corinthians 15:3-4), and 3) Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9).  My family was around the table doing school while I played in the adjacent room.  Four words my Mom told my siblings caught my attention, “Daniel is a sinner.”  I came out of the room crying, telling Mom I wanted to be saved.  After two attempts in which Mom asked me if I was sinner, the first of which I laughed at, I said that I was.  To test my sincerity, Mom told me if I wanted to be saved, I needed to tell Dad when he got home that night.  It was that night that my whole destiny was changed from hell to heaven.
   I was baptized at 7 years of age at Bible Baptist Church, at the which I grew up under the ministry of Pastor David Loggans who is currently pastoring here since 1988.
  Around my highschool gradation I thought the Lord was leading me into business.  In light of that, I worked towards a BSBA General Management degree through Accelerated Distance Learning completed at Thomas Edison State College in 2013.  But after that time, God was opening no doors.  Everything business was shut.
   That was when God began to shape in me the need to go into full-time evangelism/revivalism ministry.  I cannot pinpoint an exact day when I know God had given a call.  But through that time, God’s work in my life, and hindrances from which God graciously kept me through the counsel of my parents and pastor, I know that evangelism is not just a desire.  It is my call from God.
  In light of God’s new direction, I prepared at Indiana Baptist Seminary with three of my other siblings.  There I graduated in 2017 with a Masters of Sacred Theology.  During the last year there, God brought a wonderful young lady by the name of Alyssa into my life.  We were married on August 12, 2017.
    Since June of 2017 I have been mentoring under Pastor David Loggans at Bible Baptist Church, serving as an assistant.  Pastor is equipping my wife and I as our network is built to head into fulltime evangelism.
    It is our burden to "Reach the lost world through revived Christians".  We are excited to see how God is going to work!  Truly, God is good!
 Alyssa’s Testimony:
    I too was raised in a loving Christian home, in Michigan, where my parents homeschooled all seven of us.

I was the oldest. It was not until I was seven years old when I realized that I needed Christ as my personal  Savior.  On November 27, 2001, My brother and I came to our mother with a few questions about Christ, Mom then used Isaiah 53 to answer our questions.  In just a few moments we were both praying and asking Christ to save us. Febuary of the next year I followed in Believer’s Baptism. 

   I grew up under the Ministry of Pastor Scott Markle, Melvin Baptist Church. When I was fifteen, we had  our annual Revival Meetings, it was there where I surrendered my life to the Lord and to His ministry. 

   After graduating high school, I went on as staff at Wings of Faith Girl’s Academy: Stockton, MO.  While there, I taught Mathematics and English.  I was there until I enrolled into Indiana Baptist College.  It was there where Daniel and I met.  In 2016, I graduated with a Church Secretarial degree.  

   Looking back on the last few years, I would have never gone if it were not for God's leading on my life. Serving Him has never been a waste!   Genesis 24:27  "...I, being on the way, the Lord led me..."   
Alyssa plays the violin, Daniel plays the trumpet, and we both love playing the piano and tone chimes.